Franklin Era SouthWest Shaft with NOS Micarta

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I have had this for about seven years. I owned the cue it was made for less than that. Its a long story how I ended up with one SW shaft but I did. About six years ago I took it to the SouthWest shop and was able to get the ferrule replaced with some of the very little micarta they had left. The cue the shaft was with Laurie put as being made late 80's-early 90s. Its a beautiful shaft but I dont use it any more so time for a new home. Specs below:

Length: 29.5" from tip to base of the joint ring
Weight: 3.5 oz
Diameter at the tip: 12.6
No idea what tip is on it. I forgot. Its non layered and what ever SW put on when they did the ferrule. Shaft was straight last I rolled it on a table and has been stored in a 12x24 in my house. If you buy and dont like it send it back within a reasonable period. Payment via PayPal
Price: $250 shipped in the U.S. only

This is listed elsewhere so first I'll take it by timestamp wins.