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  • whats up man I ordered one of these and my card was charged when will I get my grey xl shirt
    865 454 9345 call please and let me know
    These guys are selling your TAR matches and Accustats matches on their site... Just giving you a heads up.... PM me for link info
    i started a thread, so i took the link to a different post off here, so ignore this please
    your in box is full.thought i'd try this.i made a mistake and bought tar 26 twice.maybe you could just give me a pass for tar 27 on friday.i called and left a message and number.you can reach me as magix on the fourm. thanks dago
    Your inbox is full, and I desire to send you a message. Hopefully You see this, because I wanted to share a few things with you that I didn't want to be public. Thanks in advance, especially since you don't know me!
    Hey just a little heads up......When filming the TAR footage of the US Bar Table tournament this coming week, a couple players to look out for (and make sure to stream) are Todd Speakman, and Chad Bisconer.\

    just sayin....
    Just wondering if it is possible to visit the studio? I will be in Vegas from the 17th to the 21st and was just curious if I was even capable of seeing it. Regardless of the answer if you would reply I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks Garett
    Are they counting early 9-balls? Like are they counting it on the break or if it goes early? I thought they were playing 9 has to go last also. Is there a link to the rules like last time they played.
    Hey Justin,

    Sorry for not sending this via PM; your inbox has filled up. A little way's back, there was a video hosted on the TAR website with Bucktooth and his keno board at Derby. I remember downloading the video from your site once before ( filename Tooth_Keno_Windows IIRC :p ), but I've since lost it. Is there any way I could get a hold of that video again? It's a very unique showing of action, and I love watching those guys toss the hundreds around like confetti.


    Hello, I am a One Pocket fanatic from Columbus, Ohio.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to buy a seat at one of the One Pocket matches at your studioin the future.
    I don't gamble any more, but I am 61 and know how to be quiet and just enjoy the show.
    I can give you a couple of references if you would like to make sure of me, just let me know and I will contact them.
    Thanks, Bill
    inv 3138 & 3139 from dec.6th 2010
    emailed multiple times please sent them out or give me credit
    hey just curious if my order has been processed, 2 shirts and a dvd.

    Travis Cooper
    Lancaster CA
    tired of waiting almost 3 months no dvd u waont return emails or pms im contacting paypal and opening a case to get my money back
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