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“1966 500 SuperFast”
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You are doing a very nice thing and I sincerely hope the Cue finds
it's way into the hands of the "Special Person" who deserves it.

I've had good experiences donating Cues locally and will continue to do so.

"May the Good Lord take a likin' to ya".


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Will be shipping the cue today or tomorrow. I decided to donate one more cue (first one as you know if Nova and second is JD, still not sure which one to send first)- few really good candidates already but would love to hear some more

And now I am really in need of a job, any help would be greatly appreciated!



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What a nice thing to do!

Mel thats such a nice thing you are doing.

I have pledged to support the Billiard Education Foundation and I am likely going to donate them money but I have to sell some books first.

I have a plan to sell these books and make wholesalers out of everyone I can to raise money to be able to print them as magazines...printed as magazines I am hoping to use them for Room owner advertisement material because I have a few things I want to do.

I want to make pool fun for people.
I want to reach new people to bring them into pool.
I could just sell books and that be it but there is more to life than just that.

My hat is off to you, you/re a good man, not many like you around but its really nice to see that you are there.

Send me an address and I will send you a book on me, if you have a kid or two in your family I've got one for them too. Just let me know how many you need.


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Finally had a chance to mail both cues today. Really hope guys will enjoy them!

Thanks everyone who contacted me, sorry if I did not reply- I got tons of messages and could not reply to all of them.

All the best