**Free Stream** June 29th/30th - Cole Dickson 9-Ball Tournament


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Join us for live coverage of the 7th Annual, Cole Dickson 9-Ball Memorial Tournament; celebrating the life of one of Americas most beloved pool players who passed in June of 2012.

Support the event and order this, limited edition, Cole Dickson competition crew-neck shirt from JamUpApparel - Only available online from now until the event comes to a close: https://jamupapparel.com/products/c...ublimated-crewneck-tee?variant=23336295628881

June 29th/30th - At 11AM / PST

Free Live Stream on POV Pool: https://www.youtube.com/user/POVPOOL

Family Billiards, San Francisco presents:
The 7th Annual, $3,500 Added Cole Dickson 9-Ball Memorial

  • [*]$3,500 Added - 9-Ball
    [*]Open to 96 Players
    [*]No Green Fees
    [*]Race to 8/6 - Double Elimination
    [*]Tournament Director: Masae


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This is last week's list... The field is over 50 strong as of today and I will have more names soon. Top 3 favorites so far would be, Chris Robinson, Jason Williams and Edgie Geronimo:

1. Andy Iwan
2. Bonnie Ogg
3. Miguel Morfin
4. Faith Morfin
5. Thomas Martin
6. Khanh Ngo
7. Michael Leahy
8. Dave Rovero
9. Beat Beniseh
10. Bernie Maguire
11. Kenny Koo
12. Francis Tso
13. Pete Valavanis
14. Neal Vicheinsaen
15. Von Ryan Mendoza
16. Fidel Aldrich Coloma
17. Feargal McEleney
18. Doug Whaley
19. Spencer Ladin
20. Chris Robinson
21. Emilyn Callado
22. Nick Callado
23. Edgie Geronimo
24. Naga Arya
25. Hale Bumgamer
26. Jason Williams
27. Shan Damani
28. Ed Sinchai
29. Michael Glass
30. Phillips Yee
31. Deo Alpajora
32. Mark Anthony Tiu
33. Eugene Villena
34. Sugi Steven Sugiyama
35. Mike San Pedro
36. Lex Bergado
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Commemorative JB Case!

Thanks to JB Cases for this commemorative, 2019 Cole Dickson rugged case which, will be given away at the venue!

UV Printing!


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Island Drive

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Are these guys pro's?:thumbup:

Step up!!! When I was in college, I played at Jansco's. Lassiter, Crane, Amadeo, Coslosky, Boston Shorty, Marino, Jersey Red, Ronnie Allen and On and On. I'm sure these guys were better than this field, and I was only 19. If yah wanna get better, get beat. Learn to shake, tremble and get nervous. If ya don't then play leagues.