Frey custom, sapele quilted handle


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This cue's been on the boards a bit for a while in Nick's hands, and now its in mine. Thanks Nick.

Besides the ridiculously figured and gorgeous piece of wood in the handle, this is the only cue that has ever caught my wife's eye. I'm not generally a fan of wrapless cues, but for a couple reasons I've made an exception in this case. Take your pic on which one's more important, the wife or the gorgeous wood :)

It's nice to hear that the handle wood came from Tim's shop when he closed, and its certainly an interesting piece of wood. Next to Ambonya burl I'm not sure which one I like more.


nick serdula

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That Cue!

I hope it brings your wife happy pocketing. That sapellia handled Frey is one of the prettiest Cues I have ever person.
Thank you too for two Cues that are exactly like two Cues I played with for maybe 15 years between them.
Chances of that ever happening are about zero.
Happy Pocketing,
Nick :)


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It's almost classic, except for the fancier inlay's in the butt.

But the handle wood... That's what sold me considerably.


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That handle is so sweet you almost
don't want to grip it! :thumbup:

This is a work of art by Bob Frey.
Still can't believe you sold it Nick