From my friend's treasure chest to mine: Edwin Reyes 11pointer


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Marcel Lim (Cyberrot) was my great cue mate in Singapore, I regard him as my mentor in cues for sharing his knowledge and pointing me towards true quality in cues.

He was proud to own this Edwin Reyes cue and told me million times about his admiration towards the late master cue builder, this was the cue he would have kept forever.

Unfortunately my friend, our friend, Marcel shockingly left us all in Jan, which shook us all. His family chose to sell of his cue collection and I bid, and got this cue.

It came to me and that was when I noticed the cue has 2 Zero Deflection shafts, and that the cue is lighter than how I would like. Normally I shoot with 20+oz cues and this cue weighs in at 17.8oz. I thought to keep it in the treasure case but that's too soon.

I have always wanted to play with an extension on, and this cue is the perfect experiment for me: it's light, a bit forward balanced and has ready threads for an extension.

So I ordered a curly maple extension from a guy in Vietnam, he has made multiple extensions and sold worldwide, he said he knew the threads so voila, he made me an 8-inch extension that fits perfectly.

The cue plays really nice, really low deflection but interestingly the cueball reacts similar to how a solid maple shaft would do. with the extra length the game seems really easier to me, I think I will stick with it. already ordered a solid maple shaft for it so I will play with it full time.

enjoy the pics.


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Here is the cue with extension, it is now 66inch and weighs in 21.3oz

it makes my game so simple.


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