FS/FT: Gorgeous 2016 Richard Chudy Wildwood cue


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Listing this cue for my mentor.

Richard Chudy (RC3) cue with extremely rare and old Wildwood into Maple
- year made: 2016
- forearm: BEM; 4 points and butt sleeve: Wildwood; elephant ear wrap
- black white black white veneers; notched silver rings
- butt: 15.7oz; shafts: 3.5oz 12.9mm and 3.7oz 13mm
- ferrules: LBM
- pin: 3/8-10 Black Anodized Steel
- straight together and apart

cue has been played with by my mentor, a pro and it has battle scars, but just minors; finish on shafts are slightly sanded to the rings; rubber bumper has been replaced with a customized bumper to use with an extension. comes with original joint protectors and extension.

Price: SOLD

Pics (more in link https://photos.app.goo.gl/V9FoWRAFiwZbXgNw5)


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Pretty offering, haven't seen many cues with wildwood, sure is nice, glws

thanks for your compliment, yes the cue plays superb, thats why my mentor bought it from a collector, he tried many when he bought this.

this is the only cue with wildwood i have seen.