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First four cues left to right have been sold, far cue on right in newer listing.

Please do not bump this listing or add messages, please PM me or
email me at sales@cdand.com
I do not check Az Billiards all day long, so emailing me at sales@cdand.com
will probably Catch my eye sooner.

All cues are brand new. I ship postal usps priority mail with tracking, insurance to purchase
Price and a signature on delivery. I have listed a price I am asking for, cash offers will be
Reviewed, trade’s would have to at least equal or exceed my asking price.

Photo's of individual cues are available, just send me a email request to me at sales@cdand.com

Jacoby Pool Cue # 1116-61, Irish Line Wrap, Brand New *** Sold *** Sold ***
Cue features Ebonized Maple Butt Cap & Purple Heart Joint
This Brand New Jacoby Red Stained Pool Cue # 1116-61 has a Radial Pin and
One Standard Shaft that is 13 mm and weighs 4.0 oz. The butt Weighs 14.1 oz
for a 18.1 oz total. The butt also features a irish linen Wrap and a purple heart
joint and ebonized butt cap.
Jacoby Pool Cue Model 1017-27 Wrap Less Brand New ***SOLD***SOLD***
This Jacoby Cue has a very appealing Green Stain that
Works very well with the wrap less black ebonized handle.

The white butt cap and joint collar sets the cue off nicely.
This cue has a standard Radial Pin Shaft that is 13.0 mm
And weighs 3.7 oz.

The shaft rolls straight on the table
And on the butt. You can see a little taper moving when
Looking under the shaft and the top of the table when
Rolling it. Not a warp. The butt is straight and weighs
15.2 oz for a total cue weight of 18.9 ounces.
Asking $ 340.00 Shipped to lower 48 states.
Jacoby Pool Cue Model 1117-17 Bocote Custom *** Sold *** Sold ***
This wrap less cue features a Radial Pin and a Edge Hybrid shaft
That is 12.7 mm and weighs 3.5 oz. The butt weighs 15.4 oz for a
Total of 18.9 oz.
The cue rolls excellent together and apart. The Wood appearance is

Jacoby Pool Cue Model 1117-24 Bocote Custom ** Sold *** Sold ***
This wrap less cue features a Radial Pin and a Edge Hybrid shaft
That is 12.75 mm and weighs 3.6 oz. The butt weighs 15.7 oz for a
Total of 19.3 oz.

Jacoby Pool Cue Model 0217-32 8 Point Cue, with Edge Hybrid Shaft
This cue features a Birds Eye Maple Forearm with Cocobolo Joint, Points and
Butt Sleeve. The 8 (4 high/4 low) points are finished off with veneers
and arrow head points.

The Mother of Pearl Inlays throughout the cue enhance the quality look.
This is a Radial Pin Joint with the Edge Hybrid Low Deflection Shaft being
12.78 mm, 3.6 oz. The butt weighs 15.6 oz for a total of 19.2 oz. The butt and
shaft Roll straight together and apart.
Asking $ 1,350.00 Shipped to lower 48 states


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