FS RON HALEY 6 Point Wenge Player's Cue With Black Lizard Wrap - 100% MINT & STRAIGHT


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FS RON HALEY 6 Point Wenge Player's Cue With Black Lizard Wrap - 100% MINT & STRAIGHT

For sale is a beautiful RON HALEY custom cue, which is in 100% MINT CONDITION. The cue was refinished by Ron in 2009 and delivered to the Hopkins' SBE Expo in March 2009 together with 2 brand new unchalked shafts. The cue has had very light play since it was purchased. The forearm features 6 razor-sharp Wenge points into Bird's-Eye Maple. The butt sleeve is Wenge. The joint is piloted stainless steel with a 5/16-14 screw. The wrap is black Lizard. Each shaft rolls dead straight together and apart, has a Melamine ferrule, and a Moori tip. The shaft diameters are 12.97 mm and 12.94 mm. The butt is 28 and 5/8ths inches long; both shafts are 29.0 inches) and weighs 19.4 oz. with one shaft and 19.3 oz. with the other; the butt alone weighs 15.6 oz. I love this cue but i have found another haley here locally in Arkansas that I have my eyes set on to buy.
Price is 2,999.00.
My number is 501-310-0082, call anytime!
As soon as payment is recieved, I will one day air cue with insurance on package free of charge.


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nice looking cue. You might have a little more luck placing this in the FS/Wanted forum on AZ though.


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Sorry bud not be the forum police or anything but this should have been fosed in the wanted/for sale section just pm one of the mods they should have no problem moving it for you. (we all make mistakes):thumbup:

I see someone already got it posted as I was typing lol