FS: Sumrall Fullsplice w/Veneers


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Here is a beautiful fullsplice built completely by Paul Sumrall....not from a blank! Bocote into ebony with red/black/red/black veneers. One shaft has a brown sugar mark, but is actually a better hitting shaft IMO. The shaft collars differ a little from the ivory joint color, but can be changed by Paul fairly easily if desired. The rings can be felt a little, there is a slight scuff on the butt cap, and both shafts have a very slight taper roll. This is a good player though and has very nice, sharp, and even points at top and bottom!

B: 15.7oz, 29 1/2", 3/8x10, ivory diamonds & joint
S1: 4.24oz, 29 1/2", 13.00mm, white phenolic joint collar, ivory ferrule & layered tip
S2: 3.73oz, 29 1/2", 12.98mm, white phenolic joint collar, ivory ferrule & layered tip
T: 19.43-19.94oz (no weight bolt), 59"

Sold in ConUS, please add 4% for PayPal.







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Would you be interested in a Steve Klapp, tulip wood and ebony cue in trade. I tried sending to pm's that never went through.