FS/ Three Schon Cues


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All Have Been Sold

Please email me at sales@cdand.com with questions and offers.

All Cues and Shafts Roll straight together and apart

Left to Right

# 1 Schon Pool Cue Model CX-03 Used, in great shape *** Sold *** Sold ***
The cue features Birdseye Maple with Cocobolo Points that are floating with
Turquoise and cocobolo diamonds and ebony and micarta dashed rings.

Irish Linen Wrap that is black with white specks. The joint thread is
5/16 x 14 and comes with a brand new Schon Shaft now.

Photo shows Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shaft that has been sold.

The Schon Shaft that will come with the butt weighs 4.2 oz and is brand new

The butt is 15.5 oz for a total of 19.7 oz.


# 2 Schon STL-1 is Schon’s Basic Cue made of Birdseye Maple *** Sold *** Sold ***
This cue has an Irish Linen Wrap and this brand new cue has the standard 5/16 x 14 Piloted Joint.
The shaft has a measurement of 13 mm at the point where the wood meets the ferrule.
The shaft weighs 4.5 oz and the butt weighs 14.4 oz for a total of 18.9 oz.

# 3 Schon Pool Cue Model STL-5 with Cocobolo Points &Multi Colored Veneers *** Sold *** Sold ***
This particular STL-5 has 4 points with multi colored veneers.

The stainless steel collar has the 5/16 x 14 pin and the shaft 13 mm that
weighs 4.7 oz. The butt weighs 14.4 oz for a 19.1 oz total.

# 4 Schon Pool Cue Model LTD-2009L Eight Points *** Sold *** Sold ***

This Schon Custom Cue has Eight Micarta Points with Red & Ebony Veneers in the birdseye Maple forearm.
The Butt Sleeve has matching Micarta & Red Inlays with Abolone Diamonds.

The wrap is black leather. Schon’s HYDRID SHAFT, 5/16 x 14 piloted joint as the shaft is 12.7 mm and weighs 3.8 oz.
The butt weighs 15.5 oz for a 19.3 oz total.


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