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Bob Jewett

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Post a link. The whole Twisted Tea thing is something I’m not familiar with. Note that I watch zero commercials. I find them offensive.
It's not a commercial. Or at least I don't think it is. You may find the video offensive. There is lots of offense and offense in the video. You were warned:

Edit: I see that YouTube also thinks it might give offense.


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It was the first Rob Zombie- Marilyn Manson tour, great show. Chevelle, and a bunch of good bands opened. I loaded my two and most of the nieces and nephews in a van. Road trip! The DKs were the best band there. MM did a cover of a Eurythmics song, one of the best pieces of music ever created. Zombie did his thing, it was a blast.
Ahhh, the festival. Forgot about those. In that case, I can see the DKs in a huge space.

I groweded up in dc area and went to a lot of punk rock shows and dks werethru a few times, never in a place that held more than 2k people.

Biafra got far too preachy for me...though he did gain a lotta appreciation from me for his appearance at Dave Brockie's memorial service: