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Instant heat on a cold winter’s day...ran off the gas tank.
i had a beetle in 85. I use to flip the triangular window by the side mirror for air......and dont breathe too hard else the windshield gets too frosty.


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I had a new one in 1971 but it did not have a radiator. It was air cooled.
No radiator and no heat. I had the displeasure of riding from the Catskills in upstate NY down to the city in my ex-partner's Bug in the middle of the night during a winter cold wave...absolutely freezing...took me two days to regain the use of my legs.
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That is funny as hell! My brother got a ticket coming out of the quarry for not having his load tarped this past spring. Mind you, he was hauling 1’s and 2’s, so nothing was going to be flying around the turnpike.

His day in court came and he told the judge he’d just plead no contest and take the fine. “Reconsider your plea and hire a lawyer,” she replied, “this is a class 3 felony and you’re looking at jail time.”

A class 3 felony is on par with prostitution. He hired a lawyer, greased the wheels of justice, and got off with another day off work and a fine...

...A fine and a new nickname, “The Dirty Hooker.” He love you long time.