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Funny! It also reminds me of the old days towing a racecar halfway across the country on an open trailer. We would get hauled over sometimes, the LEO wanting to know where the race was at! What was funniest, truck and trailer was in the elderly sponsor's name and he just couldn't be bothered to get license plates and such for truck or trailer. Both were out of date by years so the driver/team leader posted support various law enforcement bumper stickers all over the truck, trailer, and race car! Tossed in a couple of "Support Our Troops" stickers for good measure. We never got ticketed.


That snake on the side means that is a rare beast. I had a 428 snake and I think I remember a 429. I don't remember any Torino smaller engine Cobra editions in sixty-eight or nine. 150 of the 428's made. The four speed transmission had straight cut gears like a rock crusher Muncie so it would howl! It also shifted slowly. Most four speeds I could lay down a solid line for as long as it could burn the tires, up into third or fourth gear. Try as I might, that Torino always left gaps. I could squat down and lay a hand on each side of the gap but I never could lay out a solid black line.

Another flaw of those Torino's, they didn't handle well at all. Reminds me, a customer of mine was a stock car driver and friends with a dealer, got his hands on a FX 69 Torino. Only a 390 best I recall but it had a locked rear end and special goodies in the engine. He was required to bring the car in for all of the usual check-ups but the dealer warned him not to bring it in for the last warranty check-up, that was when they were supposed to pull the cam, the rear end, all of the FX components.

About that tesla, I would feel like I was riding around in a bomb, literally! I passed by a walmart with a row of posts with funny looking rigs on them at the edge of the parking lot. Took me a minute to realize those were recharging stations. They had what looked like a couple dozen of them. Very optimistic, or they got a payment for each charging station!

The Torino did sound bitch'n but there were a couple spots that wouldn't buff out after I barrel rolled it for about a city block.


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