Gift from Dennis Searing


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i was visiting dennis for a night and the morning i was supposed to leave, he pulls out a tip tapper and says "hang on"

this is what the man can do on the fly !!

can you imagine if he actually had planned it in advance ;)

he said it moved and so he wanted to do it all again :rolleyes:
i wouldn't let him though cos really, it looked great !

i know the photo is a bit crooked cos the surface is so reflective that it was hard to photograph straight without getting the camera's image reflected on to its surface...

thanks dennis for a thoughtful and unique gift...


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that guy is one of the most talented guy on the planet....hopefully i will be on the list next year:thumbup:...congrats not many people have a custom taper such as this....mickey

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Very good gesture and quite nice too!

Dennis is "good people" as they say. He recently changed a ferrule and did a little work to one of my shafts. He said "After you've had time to play a little while with it, give me a call and let me know if you are satisfied." If I ever hit the lotto, his shop will be one of my first stops. He really is a great guy and a helluva player I might add.

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I'm feeling dissed...

Below is a picture of me at Dennis's shop right after he harvested that tusk from me. You can see that I was still a little groggy from the anaesthesia. :confused:

By the way, I didn't get any personally inscribed tapper. :mad:

Brian kc


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Dennis is very nice folk! Thoughtful gift for another very nice guy. Enjoy, Kam!