Glue question


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Do NOT use CA or "super glue" on ferrules. It will create bigger problems guaranteed. Tommy D.


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Anything from 5 minute epoxy to construction epoxy :)



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Gel super glue does do the job. With ordinary super glue i had soo many problems. ... once tip fell off 6 times until i conected it with gel super glue

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Slower the cure , stronger the bond ... Used to make custom fitted sets of golf clubs and had to study an encyclopedia of adhesives to qualify as a club builder . 24 hr marine epoxy with uv inhibitor is used for marine applications and used for bonding steel , there are different thicknesses , penetrating for carbon fiber or slow run at the other end , depending on application . You have to use high heat to break the bond . A cue can be a thousand pieces , if bonded properly it ends up one piece ... no worries when using slow cure epoxy . Hope you're not allergic ... Loctite 454 is a great CA gel , has a formula with some elasticity ...:wink:


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Most any brand of 5 minute epoxy will be a good choice.
Figure out where it aligns the best and pencil mark the shaft and ferrule so you can get it back on right with minimal rotating after pressing it down flush.