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The time has come for someone else to enjoy these great DVDs. Grady was a treasure trove of knowledge on pool systems. His 2/3/4 rail kicking systems have tremendously improved the accuracy of my kicks and are worth the price of the whole set imho.

The two sets of DVDs include 4 DVDs on pool & billiards (Advanced Principles of Pool and Billiards, The Finer Points of Banking and Safety Play, The Finer Points of Pool, and Sixteen Steps) and another four on One Pocket (The Finer Points of One Pocket, Only Kicks, The Finishing Touch (end game situations), and Killer One Pocket).

The DVDs are long out of print but I’m only asking $160 shipped which is what I paid for them years ago. I will not sell any of the DVDs separately. Any questions let me know.


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If these are still available, I'll take them.
PayPal ok? Give me your info & I'll send it along - no troubles.