GTF Cases or is it G.T.F. Cases? and what does it mean?


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What is meant by GTF/G.T.F when referring to cue cases.

According to the IndyQShop, Its G.T.F. at the top of the page but GTF further down the page.
Obviously consistency is not considered worthy at the IndyQShop.
According to Seyberts, its GTF.
Which is correct?

I googled “What does GTF mean” and got
“Get The ****;
Which could translate to Get The ++++ out
of my face, my space, my life, etc…

Maybe only John Barton (of JB Cases), who designed and made the case as seen here
and Roy Malott, who sells them here;
G.T.F. Designs* Custom Cue Cases
know what it means.
Maybe it’s just a cute promotional gimmick. They are good looking cases. And after seeing John Barton’s video they look very well made.
What does GTF mean to you?
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