Habitat for Humanity Veterans Build


Wanted to say my sweetie and I had a great time at the Hopkins exhibition. Saw some players I haven't seen in years. Allen and Shadow could go on the road as a pool playing comedy team. Very funny!
We won 3 cue raffles(I gotta check my powerball tickets) ate, drank and was merry!
Thanks to everyone who put this together, it was so much fun!
Peace, Leenie


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Here' a pic from last night. I have a few more I'll post later -- prob tomorrow.

I wanted to take a moment to thank CSI, Steve Lucchesi, John Turrell and the countless others that helped support this charity event.

The final count is about $2000 raised for Habitat for Humanity.

... and yes, Colleen snapped-off 3 cue raffles. I think we raffled off 5 cues total, so that's an unbelievable percentage.