happy birthday jeremy jones!


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he gets a lot of love on the forums and rightfully so
shout to a great pool mind, player, and coach
pool is better with double j in the mix


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Happy birthday to Jeremy, who I, strangely enough, met over a game of golf. During the 1995 Florida Flareup, a PBT event in Fort Lauderdale, I played a round of golf with Jeremy Jones and Johnny Archer, and that's when Johnny introduced me to Jeremy. We played golf again on the following day. Jeremy is now a friend of 25 years.

Jeremy is a shining presence in pool, with a great pedigree as a player, a well-deserved fine reputation as a commentator and he is now a shining presence as coach of Team USA at the Mosconi Cup.

Jeremy is a credit to our game and I wish him many more happy birthdays.


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Hope Jeremy is having a great birthday. Never met the man, but I sure appreciate the tidbits of knowledge he passes on when commentating a match.


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Happy Birthday Double J

Looking forward to seeing Jeremy & Team USA raise The Mosconi Cup trophy again this year :yeah:


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I just had to caption this pic

Something is happening..and you don’t what is..do you Mr Jones


Happy birthday....from Bob Dylan.....
..and pt109


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HBD Jeremy. Thanks for the endless stream of info.

As you hover over that stack looking for the key, please consider that we paid to be on the sidelines; moving balls being the only clue that anything is happening. :thumbup: