Happy Birthday, Sarnia Shorty


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A special shout-out to Sarnia Shorty who is celebrating his birthday away from his wife while he finishes things up here in Edmonton. You are going to have to wait till Friday for that special birthday touch, but here are some “good egg” comments from me in the mean time.

Sarnia Shorty, you’re a fine exemplar of the AZB forum, asking serious questions, giving out some comical jabs, and using the site to match up with other members. Thanks for being there when I stepped away from the comfort of league night to enter my first tournaments. You’ll always be remembered as my first One-Pocket opponent, even though neither of us had played before.

I’ve booked the rest of the week off so I’ll be there to help you close down H2O on Thursday.

Have a great B-Day

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And I will add my birthday wishes, also, to Sarnia Shorty, who very well may have the craziest avatar of all. :thumbup:

Enjoy your day and many happy returns.

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Sarnia Shorty

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Thanks guys, I can't wait to get home but a few more days in Edmonton won't hurt. Who knows, maybe I can win the ERO pot on Thursday and give myself a birthday present.