Happy New Year


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Just wanted to take a moment and wish all the gentlemen who frequent this forum a very happy and prosperous New Year. I stumbled on to this forum when I got back into the game about a year ago, and, as a former engineer, am incessantly curious about the technology and processes involved in cuemaking and cue repair. All of you guys- Kevin, Craig(s), JER, Brent, Ryan, Dick, Chris, Joey and many more constantly impress me by your willingness to share the information and experience that is often so hard-earned solely for the betterment of the craft. May the coming year bring you good health, prosperity, and increasing satisfaction in your occupation of choice. I'll be looking forward to your enjoyable and informative discussions for another year.


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Happy New Year to you as well Bill. Glad someone enjoys all our bs.:D
Buy a lathe & join us.:)

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happy new year

may the new year be prosperous to all cuemakers far and wide.
Thanks for all the kind advice I'm sure I will need more.