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  • Hey, i know you have some serious health problems, but its been a year since I ordered playing cue to match a jump break I got from you a year ago. I thought it was pretty much done and if its possible for you to finish it and ship that would be real great.
    I still want to try your famous LD shaft
    Thank you
    Hi Kevin
    How are things?
    Any word on my two break/jump cues?
    Wrap less BEM
    Would like to have them
    What happened to the cues I was going to sell?
    Hi Kevin, I haven't talked to you in awhile... My computer crashed and i lost all my email info. I am still wanting you to make me a cue, Like we talked about... Wrapless, titelist conversion sorta with your ideas!!! Just wanted to get back in touch, Let me know? BTW, Tony and Angela thinks it's cool I am in touch with you and I stopped into your Dad's store... It is very cool! Take care, David
    Hi Kevin,

    Didn't you say you knew the whereabouts of the ebony "Hunter" that got from you years ago? You know the one that you had Kepley rewrap with red black and white? I would interested in getting it back. I sold it to you before moving to Atlanta.
    Thanks for taking the trouble to answer my question about walnut and cues. I never realized walnut was such a light wood. It makes sense though as gun manufactures don`t want to add undue weight to their rifles. I collect guns and most have some type of walnut stock. I just yesterday learned about the user cp function on this website.
    Thanks for all your support Kev, I'm glad you don't think I'm lying. I'm only trying to get what is due to me (for others I'm not talking about Varney Cues). If it comes down to getting anything money wise you know I'll be calling you to build what we talked about. I "might" be coming into a little when I move hopefully before Christmas so we might get to work together anyways. Thanks again for your help!

    Kevin,where are you let me know every phone I have for you is OTS are you OK? in Jan you were really messed up and I hope you did not get worse!!!!!! call me please
    John Baker
    hello Kevin and Mrs.Varney - Your pms are full. Please send me a message - Hoping your doing better and are ok??? thanks in advance for some communication. Just tell me your ok ,my friend- God bless- sending the most blessings I can in a PM. god speed ,mark
    I used the technique you describe(and changed to ultra control loctite....still have 30 dollar tube of 454, but i'm nervous about using it) and TRIED to know a Kamuii2 black off by banging balls, but could not. NO ting. I am very grateful for your help and hope, thanks to you and others, that I have put this behind me.. Thank you again..
    HI Kevin, and thx for you answer,

    i look for a very simple break cue, a sp conversion (maybe a rosewood blank sth) or a cue like i Have seen you made with a matching player i think it was bacote, if possibe in rosewood without any ringwork or so,black or wood matching collars. into wood joint 19,5 oz , normal shaft wood. what would that cost me, including fedex to far germany, have a nice day
    thx in advance, cheers from ger, manni
    Are you attending the US Open this week? I thought hard about it but am going to pass. I see that old Ron Park is playing and winning. Do you know what ever happen to that Bobby Hunter cue (we think was a hunter, no markings). The black one that Kepley re-wrapped? I bought it from you then later you helped me sale to someone else before I moved to Georgia. I would like to find that cue again if it is in good shape.
    Do you ever get over to the Wilmington area? We have a semi-large tournment the first Monday of every month at BreakTime. We get ~50 entries and play on Diamond tables.
    Let me know about the cue if you know please.

    David Mitchell
    Kevin, sorry for the long wait. I finally have some time under my belt with the shaft you made for my Heubler. I want to thank you for an excellant shaft. It shoots wonderful. It must be good, I haven't lost with it yet in league play. The only thing that irratates me about our deal was I should have had you replace the bumper while you had it. It was my stupid mistake. It would have been nice to have a new bumper. I'll try locally to have one done up for it. Your ring job was just super. And the fit and finish blew me away. And yes you were right the wood is just superior. I counted 15 growth rings, and straight as an arrow grain. You did me right my freind. If I need another shaft in the future I know where to go. Thank you again for a wonderful shaft and a wonderful experience. I just love the shaft.

    Mark Shuman
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