Hard Times Bellflower


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We had an idiot here in Fla that called it a hoax every chance he got online FB etc. Took no precautions and then he and his wife came down with it. He got over it but his wife is not expected to live.

So now he is going around warning people that it is not a hoax. "Hey idiot, everyone but you and one dunce in Arizona knew that."

and the truth is they are getting closer and closer to saying it is transmittable just by breathing the same air as an infected individual. Right now they dont want people to panic-JMHO

Yesterday the CDC said that is is primarily transmitted 'person to person' and that the surface touch thing is barely a factor- You know where someone sneezes on a table and you run over and put your hand in it and then pick your nose?


So now they are finally telling us- 4 months after anyone with common sense knew it already.