Has anyone tried to make carom table plugs for a pocket table?


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I've been looking around and even sent a few messages to find "carom plugs" to no avail. So, being at home 24/7 except for cycling/running and the occasional trip to the office for file management, I just ordered a bunch of parts to try and make a set for my home table.

I'm not remotely expecting anything perfect, and ordered 2.25" carom balls anticipating that regulation size carom balls won't work with a Gold Crown cushion/rail profile.

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. I guess burning desire works, too.

If anyone has made a set, or has ideas in general, I'd appreciate being able to pick your brain a little.

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good luck keep us up to date
there are sets made , quite pricey, and im not even sure if available anymore

the big balls play ok on pool table rails, they dont jump, i still have my de lux set after selling off my soren and have given em a hit or 2 around my valley
its just the speed of the much slower cloth that sucks the most

i intend to get another valley ( at some point )and have straight rails made by the penquin people so i can have a sweet little carom table


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I don't think they are made anymore but here is a video


Thanks! I tried finding these but didn't get a response. They were also very expensive from the price quotes I found floating around as of 5+ years ago. But the video is helpful to see how these were made!

I'm not very mechanically inclined. I'm a total desk jockey by day and sometimes night, but the parts I ordered have so much material versus what I actually need (2 sides, 4 corners (though I guess you could say 8 corners due to how they will be joined to eliminate the pocket opening)) .I think I can make plenty of saw and rubber dust before getting it right.

I think I'm going to start out with a cardboard template and cut around that.
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Universal Carom Pockets Inserts


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I manufacture them ! Send me your e-mail for info. --- dbennicas@gmail.com