Help Identify this Steepleton Model.....


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Hello All! I need help with any info that can be provided about this Steepleton. I can pick it up for little of nothing. All I know is that it's an 8 ft. table and the veneer siding has come off a lot of it. This is the only pic I have. Anybody know the model name? I know Steepleton made a nice table and it's very old. I'm not concerned with the cosmetics, I can make it pretty if so desired. So any info or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.....:thumbup:


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Duane Remick

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"Looks like this table been sitting OUTDOORS IN THE WEATHER FOR MORE THAN A FEW YEARS,
Maybe brought inside to get good pics ??? :frown:


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Its in pretty rough shape even for free. Pockets look big and would need new cloth and maybe rail rubber. This table would not be my first choice I would keep looking. Many eight footers for cheep and some for free. I hate remorse.


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This model was close to the same model as what we had down at the local pool room growing up in rural KY. They were good tables, but like what was previously mentioned, they typically have huge pockets. My guess on production timeframe would be around the 30s, maybe early 40s. I think I would say no to this one, just too much missing. Nearly all of that beautiful maple veneer on the blinds looks to be gone, and I also think it’s missing the stainless steel pocket surrounds. If you do decide to pick it up and can’t find pics of how they were originally, from my best memory it would be a flat brown paint on the legs/pedestals and natural maple on the blinds and cutouts of legs for a nice contrast with solid walnut rail caps. Slate was probably 1-1/2” thick, rail cushions were really good. I had always assumed they were Brunswick Monarchs. In my opinion this would be a real beauty fully restored to original, but would be extremely costly to get it done right.
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