Help Identifying a cue - this one is tricky


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Here is what I am told, of which I believe almost none of.

-Cue is from the 60's
-Cue is stated to be a Joss
-Has a 3/8 joint
-Full Ivory Joint
-Buttpcap replaced
-Would not let me remove bumper to see weight bolt
-Tiny points, single veneer, and then two double thick veneers
-Looks to be Ebony Full Splice
-The same but different rings on the shaft
-One of shafts has old Micarta Ferrule
-Said it was purchased for 2k when made, we all know this is impossible if it was the 60's.
-Came with original Ostrich Felini Case

To me it doesn't look like a Joss, I thought they used a 5/16 pin when they first came out. Cue looks to be made well, points are not exactly even, but veneer work is pretty clean.





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Any idea of date range? Would it orignally have had an ivory buttplate?


The buttcap wasn't replaced , it's just an unmarked Joss. There stopped marking cues from 72-73 and other cues weren't marked early on. Pretty hard to crack Derlin.


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Straight up Joss as it's been ID'ed.. nothing tricky.. 175 for the cue 40-50 for the case..

I think he got zero happy...