Help with info about Schon cue?

I am curious if any of you Schon experts out there know any info about the Schon cue that I have?

Would really like maybe find out the model of it, and maybe the year (or years) that it was made, the retail value, and the current market value of the cue in used condition?

Thanks for any opinions about the cue (even if you do not know any info about it).


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Here are a few more pictures that I took of the cue. I am thinking that the leather wrap may not be original, but I do not know.


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Well, apparently you think it's worth it and bottom-line, that's all that matters.
Does it really matter what someone else thinks your cue is worth?



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Kind of late to ask now. The deal is done.
Schons are well made cues and hold their value very well.
I have been trying to look up how much my cue retailed for, and the websites that I have found on the CX series skip over model 18, like this site goes from model 16 to 24.

And this site goes from model 16 to 22.

Does that mean that the sites just no longer sell the model CX-18? They should still list the cue in with the other CX mdels even if it is sold out. That is what most sites do on other production cues (like Meucci or Joss for example). Does anyone know of a site that lists all of the info about the CX-18 (including the original retail price)? Thanks.