Homemade Lathe Design Issue


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A bearing like that would have served my purposes, but I am beyond that point. The device you posted eliminates the bed -- instead of storing the finished product in a closet, storage in a drawer is possible.

Thank you for your input.

don't forget to post pictures of your progress


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I wanted to see if it could be done for under $100.00, and it can be. I cannot figure out why China has not put a similar machine on the market at a reasonable price except that demand is too low.

Well did you actually build it yet? And if so, what was the total cost (materials only, of course;))

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Not built yet. I plan to go to Lowes this week to find track. I will post a photos, along with itemization and source sheet. I am under $100 in purchases -- no power spindle with chuck, pillow block bearing, set of collets, and set of drive bits.


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Truly sidetracked -- need to order channels.
Earlier you had asked about toggle clamps. I use several in my woodworking. The ones I use can auto adjust for various heights of stock. Armor (sp) makes very good ones. Trouble is, depending on where you need them, they could interfere with what you are trying to do. There are several videos YouTube that will give you ideas on for to use them. Good luck.


I have a creation that I may sell. I’ve learn a lot from it and it served me well. I was in the same boat when I first started out. Wanted to do my own tips and started to brainstorm. I’ve since upgraded to real lathe. SSDIVER design is great. I like his design. Mine is similar but not as fancy. I’ll post some pics when I’m back in town.

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When I got trapped in the house a few months back I started with the simple strap down my drill ideas which soon became a quest for distraction. I call it my Frankenlathe since I pieced it together and brought it to life. Now that I have a few new tools and my dining room has become a work shop I’ve been playing around with some other projects.
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And magnetic chalk holders.

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I like the chalk holders.


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Nice lathe !!! Did you make it? Can you help me locate the parts?
Home Depot, Amazon, EBay. I used a sewing machine motor. Made a mistake and mounted it backwards so it spun the wrong way, so I wired a switch to reverse the direction if needed. The chuck-spindle assembly took the longest to get here (China). The idea was to keep the costs down but if I did it again I would get a small lathe chuck and a stronger motor.
It does work well though for cleaning and tip maintenance. I still need to get a cheap shaft to experiment on to see if I can change a ferrule. I have my doubts at this point if it will be accurate enough, but I have to try to see how to fix.
Not bad for a first try and it works.