How do you have your table marked?


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on my buddies table we just have the perma rack which solves most of our marking needs for 14.1 and one pocket.


Your table. Your journey. Whatever it takes. White reinforcements seem to be the thing. As for the vertical spot line. Not for me. Most of the time I ask my opponent to spot the ball if there’s a line or multiple balls clustered. I have shaky hands.
To me, the permanent tiny marks are less distractive than a bunch of white reinforcements during regular play. It's too time consuming to put up the white reinforcements for each drill session. I have seen practice tables where they have permanent grids on them. The permanent marks are not as bad as they sounds and I need the drills plus it's my table 😁


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the permanent tiny marks plus it's my table 😁
Agreed. No rules. Simply do what works best. I like a clear table when playing. Everything distracts me. I can't see the balls but see everything else.
And yes your house your table...same here. It's my table.. nobody can have it. It's mine. I own it.
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My current table just has the single foot spot but admittedly I am just a 9-ball /8-ball player who never practices. I had some lessons with a bunch of the hole punch reinforcement doughnuts but frankly never understood what they were for.

My previous table was marked '17', does that count?

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This might not be good advice, but being someone just learning the game my table has about 100 spots with a very thin sharpie for all the drill points I need.
Naw, it's great advice. It's your table. If you want it to be a pristine showpiece, that's totally fine. My table is for playing and learning. If I want to set up a reproduceable scenario, I have no problem marking a few stray dots on the cloth for reference. Maybe just not for the first few weeks after new cloth though. I'm not an animal.

on my buddies table we just have the perma rack which solves most of our marking needs for 14.1 and one pocket.

I use that as well, but still use the rack outline. In traditional straight pool the rack no-go zone is part of the game.