How do you play this?


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I would shoot the one in the corner and line yourself up for a straight shot on the two. Stop shot the two. then play safe off the three, bank the three up table and carom the cue ball in to the four nine.

Cory in DC

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I think you're being a bit optimistic. You MIGHT be able to get the break-out and a shot on the 2 on your first try. Out of 10 tries, you may get it 8 times (I'm assuming you'll improve along the way). The safety, you can nail that on the first try AND you could nail it 10 of 10.

I agree with your reasons for agreeing with me.

well whats the race too? and are u leading? and so on ,if im leading id play position for 2 and use my 3 as a break out or coss side bank the 4 while giving u a chance to make the 9 providing u get a clear shot

Maybe if you have a big lead, you should play BIH safety on the 1.

Otherwise, go for the run out. If you go for the run out, you should definitely use the 1 to break up the 4-9. You have BIH on the 1, and a pretty good angle to break up the cluster and get a shot on the 2.

If you use the 3 to break 'em up, you have to fall just right on the 2 to get good shape on the 3 in the side pocket for the breakout. Even if you have the perfect angle to go from the 3 to break out the 4-9, you still have to get a little lucky to get a shot on the 4. If you go straight for the break out with the 1, you don't have these problems.


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bih would help but there are many factors that can and will come up playing safe off the 3 would be great and so would off the 4 but i dont want my opponent back on the table unless hes breaking up the prob for me


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Cory's shot is for sure the one... I feel dumb that I didn't see it. Nevermind it being my first thought, I wish I'd thought of it at all.

My actual first thought was you could try to get straight in on the 2 in the side, sink it, then bunt the 3 into the rail to the right of the side pocket... causing the CB to hit the foot rail and then tuck in behind the 4/9. Would need very nice control and is not nearly as good a solution.