How do you practice??


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Since it's the area where I need the most work, I start off with a simple touch drill.

I place the cb even with the spot and shoot it so it stops near or on the far rail. When I've completed 3 satisfactory attempts, I bank the cb to a spot 2 diamonds off the rail. I keep moving my target 2 diamonds at a time until whitey has traveled down back and down again.

After that I start my shotmaking drills, concentrating on shots that give me the most trouble or that recently cost me critical games.


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theoneandonly said:
I ordered the Joe Tucker aiming system workout book, and over time began using alot of the drills from that book into my routine.

Can you describe Joe Tucker's book (with DVDs?) a little, I was looking at it but haven't found much info besides his little introductory video on the web site. Do you need his aiming by numbers ball set to get the most out of it?
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