How much Woolite to clean cloth???


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I use oxiclean in a bowl of hot water. I just spray a couple of good sprays into the water , use a micro fiber towel, and wring it out pretty good. I like to see the cloth a little damp. I use a lot of pressure as I drag the cloth across the section I’m cleaning.

After the table drys, the cloth looks brand new.


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Woolite is likely to leave a residue. Which will attract dust and chalk 10 times faster than it did before. Probably going to weaken the cloth as well.

You want something that’s not harsh like a soap or deterrent and that’s designed to dry without a residue.

I would use this sparingly and well diluted with a micro fiber cloth and table brush. Basically as a spot clean. I would concentrate more on vacuuming and brushing because that’s really the best way to care for cloth.

Cloth is not meant to wiped down with cleaning products.