How to build a Custom Plunger


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How to build a Custom Plunger

Step 5

Take the new plunger handle ( a Meucci Originals 84-9B Gambler cue ... and insert the pin end of the butt section through the recently drilled hole (See step 3) in the plunger head.

Why on earth would you go and ruin a perfectly good plunger?


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Shocking to see this thread brought back to life.

I still have the plunger. I didn't get rich selling kits to make these. (I can't understand why.)

I may consider selling it. Reasonable offers only. Or put it on eBay in the near future. With a ridiculously high reserve...

I am working on a new invention. I won't give it all away here, but I can tell you the basic concept. A low deflection feather duster. Ferrule-less, as I understand that is immensely popular nowadays.