I'm stuck, please help!

Scott Lee

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Thanks for the kind words Joe! One of the biggest problems with books and/or videos is that they have no way to give you feedback...nor can they help you learn diagnostic tools, so you can fix an error when you make one. Nothing replaces hands-on instruction and quality video analysis.

KenRobbins...I watched your video of your runout. Pretty good, but there are several things you can improve upon. If you're interested in knowing more, PM me with your location and contact information. A phone call costs you nothing and might have the answers you're looking for.

Scott Lee

I'd contact Scott Lee, 773-551-7473, to inquire about a lesson. He travels around the USA and is great. It would be more expensive than a book but his video recording of your stroke and suggestions will improve your consistency. At least contact him. I can't say enough about how valuable it would be. He may even have a group lesson in your area.