Is Now the right time to open a pool hall


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I'm 52 and I don't think it was around when I was playing in the late '80's early '90's. It must have opened and closed before I came back a couple of years ago.


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Was on Rte 10, early 2000s was when I used to go.
Gotcha. I'm lucky where I live because I am only about 20 minutes from US1, Yale, Bullseye, and Cue n Brew. Plus only 30 minutes from Shooters. It's nice to have so many rooms with 9' tables so close by.

RT Ford

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Pool has always flourished when the economy is bad. People need inexpensive forms
of entertainment. If you want to open a pool room, follow the three L's - Location,
Location, Location!


I'm selling a fully built room for 45k with 6 diamond 9s, 2 GC 3s, 5 barbox, a Chinese 8 ball table and 5x10 billiards table.....all you get are tire kickers and broker ass players.

Anybody thinks running a room is's not. Add in covid shutdowns and it just gets better.
Did you find a buyer yet? If not, where are you located?


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The facts remain when the economy are down, people will spend it to entetian themselves i worked building boats years ago, the econmy was in a pinch, people were buying anything recreational, like it was their last dollar and they wanted to enjoy before the crash.
I do know from life experiences a pool hall r a gym are the tow hardest hit businesses to make a go. In the gym you need suppliments and people showing the support, so others buy. In the pol hall you need prople that drink and eat excessivley, you don't make mney renting your expensive pool tables.

Number one in any business, is location. usually pool thrives in the south, tourist locations. ( if you had a gas station on the corner on a heavily trafficked road you might be out of business in a couple years, because you were on the corner, and people could only get to you if they were in te right direction)