Jack pot new cues $500


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jack made the Libra cues backin the 90s with his friend Johnny Sanchez

I talked him into getting back into cue building and he made me about a dozen to sell

Each cue is either 58 or 60 inches long about 19 ounces

basically merry widows ebony fronts and rears with maple wraps

These are selling for basically less than a sneaky pete but they are much nicer

much nicer

only a very few are not sold about 5 and Jack and iIboth plan to keep one

These cues were designed to play great .LIRACUES were legenndary for plaing good
its pretty much now or never,if people love these Jack may build more
But cue makers are finicky,you know that!

I suggest you get one. If you remember Jack and libra cues,you know why
I am excited about these

If Jack gets the response he expects,he wants to build custom masterpieces
,but he is taking no orders. He wants to build what he likes--- another stinkin artist

call dean

214 477 7323

between 9AM and 9PM to be sure you get one

People are always asking me"what is the best cue i can buy for $1000?"

Well here it is at half that price

But only a few lucky stiffs will get one,he made 12
and there is no guarantee he will make more


Billy Stroud,tell em about Jack if you read this
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