**** JAMES WHITE , JMW, brand new 6pt


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Relisting this cue because I sold the 4pt rosewood.
Better pictures to show depth of the cocobolo.
6pts. Green veneer. Rich cocobolo. Green ring in sleeve. Piloted 5/16 14 joint. 12.8mm shaft. White with green wrap.
Plays sooooo good. Test hit it.

5 year wait and $1800 new.
Butt weighs 15.1oz
Shaft weighs 4.2oz

$1550 delivered in USA... PayPal f and f add $50 for regular PayPal


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Great deal here

I thought i would repeat those words

In the case of this James white,this really is a fantastic cue
I keep hearing James and Paul Mottey are retiring

If they really leave the scene,they will be greatly midssed

I have know most of the great cue makers and both Paul and James
are right at the top

Quality cues,perfect work and in my opinion
the cues play as good if not better than any

maybe the best but really great for sure

good luck with your cue


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Thanks Dean.

Will do a partial trade on this.
Will do a deal that includes $1100 cash and a $500 cue

Send me your offers guys

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If it does not sell I think it would be because it looks just about like a merry widow. The green veneer is all you can see of the points.