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Jason and I are both up & coming cue makers. I started my own shop last year in Tulsa, and Jason works out of Tony Zinzola's shop. Jason approached me about making a cue and trading it so we could give an honest review of one another's work. Being how I didn't know who he was, I didn't know if he was serious, or if he was a wacko trying to get a free cue out of me. These days, here on AZ, you just never know with all the BS that happens. After he introduced me to his background a little, I figured he was ok to deal with, so I agreed to it.

This deal started last year. He is a medical student and he has not had all the free time in the world, especially with a newborn in his life, so it took a while. It is now several months later, and we have accomplished something that started out as a, "maybe? I don't know.. kinda thing".

I had a chance to hit his cue today, and I must say that I am incredibly impressed. The hit of the cue is very solid. It has the type of hit that makes you want to keep playing. I could see myself hitting balls for hours with that cue. Everything on the cue is done very nicely and for someone who hasn't many cues under his belt, he should be very proud of this one.

The cue has a cut down Mason H Micarta ferrule and a piloted radial pin with a sleeved steel joint. The leather wrap is done nicely, and the long, sharp points almost come up to the joint. The veneers are also tight and it is naturally weighted. The points and buttsleeve is African Blackwood, and it has an elforyn hoppe ring. I am the kind of person who delves in cue harmonics. The tight, compact feel of the cue brings a sweet delivery into the cue ball and I think the taper and shorter ferrule gives it a stiffer hit and provides a little less deflection. There is a nice, compact tone when striking the cue ball. It is especially nice when I hit a long cut shot with running english.

I only had about an hour to play with it and I think I am going to make this my main player for a little while. I am going overseas for training in Korea and I wanted to make sure I got this review in while I had the chance. I have never hit with one of Mr. Zinzola's cues but the look and the work resembles his, and naturally so, being how Jason works out of his shop. If I were to buy this cue, I would have probably been ok giving $7-900 for what I got, however, this cue will never be for sale due to obvious reasons.

On the finish is excellent, the balance is excellent, and the joint work is precise. Overall, the cue is tastefully done with the 'player in mind'.

I will post a couple more pics when I have the chance.

Here is Jason's thread on the cue


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Just so you know, Jason did all of the work on this cue, except spray the finish. Usually when he's here, I'm watching the kids, so he turns some wood for me and does his thing.

I sprayed the finish. He buffed it out, cut the wrap groove and wrapped it. Jason could have prepped the cue a bit better for me to spray, but that's probably my fault for not standing over his shoulder.


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thanks sung for the review.

like he said, it was an idea that i thought of, considering that we were both new to the craft and korean. i thought it would be something cool to do.

i learned a ton from doing his cue and there are few things that i plan on doing differently.

just minor corrections. i'm not a medical student, but a surgery resident, meaning that i have my MD and am 1.5 years from finishing my training. what this means is that i have very limited time, but i do try to make every effort to help out tony when he needs stuff to be done around the shop, like turn wood, sweep floors, vacuum up dust. u know.

i'm used to bein a slave in the hospital, so it's really not that different.

i had a chance to play w/ sung's cue that he made and will write a full review.

once again, thanks sung for the review and of course, thanks for tony for giving me the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.

hopefully my upcoming cues will be even better.


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Sweaty Kochu, very nice write up. Jason, that's insane (and great) that you're a surgery resident, married and still have time to have this hobby. Few of my friends are doctors and I remember their residence and the crazy and non-consistent hours.

Now, can I use "I'm Korean too!" card and get a cue from either or both of u? :grin:

Tony Zinzola

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Dean, I have no idea if you are joking or what, but there was nothing mean spirited said about Jason in any way.

He's also far from a poor immigrant. Both him and his wife are doctors, so he is a hell of a lot better off than I will ever be.

I was complementing him on the fact that he built the cue by himself. He has been coming to my house for almost two years and this is not the first cue he's built. He doesn't need me to hold his hand for any aspect in cue construction, except for maybe inlays.

He tries to come when I am watching the kids. That way, we are not in each others way.


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just to squash this before it gets outa hand.

1. my parents were poor immigrants, but with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, they were able to send me to school and see me become a doctor.

2. tony has taught me a ton. without his guidance, i definitely would not have made anything. sometimes observation is more powerful than instruction. i consider tony a friend, and i could be wrong, but he considers me a friend too. haha

3. if stuff like that bothered me, i never would have become a surgeon.

stay tuned for some more cues (haha, if i ever get around to it).