Jeanette Lee’s Medical Condition Update: Official Statement


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It has been roughly fifteen months since Jeanette Lee, The Black Widow, was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. The public response to her condition has been amazing. Her fans and the billiards and sporting public has been unbelievably helpful and supportive throughout her journey. It has been a long process with many setbacks. Jeanette feels that it is the appropriate time to give her supporters a full update on her medical issues and, as much as is possible, a prognosis for her future.

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When I was a teenager, I watched her play the owner of the local pool hall in a race to 21 in nine ball for $200,000. They finished up at 4am. Was awesome to watch. She was really nice and genuine.


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That's such great news about Jeanette's remission. I'm sorry to hear about her spinal issues from the fall in the motor home, but it sounds like she's dealing with that too like the champ she is. She's in my prayers.