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Very sad news. I have never met Jeanette in person, but was one of a few who attended an exhibition in Toronto at Shooters. Such a great ambassador to the game and dangerous player at that. IIRC: she also mentioned her tremendous fight on a spinal injury and how she fought it. Such an inspiration on and off the table. Will for sure be making a donation to the
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Just heard the shocking and terrible news. i will be praying for her and her family. Having lost a lot of loved ones to this disease over the years i know what pain and suffering it can cause.

Jeanette was the first lady pool player i really heard of and initially like a lot of guys i was bowled over with her stunning looks and figure. But at her peak boy could she play and back in the 90's before her back problems started she was a firesome competitor. She always had time for her fans and her fun personality and gorgeous smile always shone through.


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Years ago my friends and I went to watch the women play at a casino hotel in East Peoria, IL. All my one friend kept saying was, "I hope I can get a picture with Jeanette." We saw her head for the elevator with the "Texas Tornado" and we caught them in the hall. My friend asked for a picture and said he was her greatest fan. Jeanette put her arms around his neck and then jumped into his arms and then Vivian 'cuddled' into the picture too. Till the day my friend died he would still talk about how he held the Black Widow in his arms, he was on cloud nine! She is definitely a Class Act and I am praying for her! Years later I spent 3 (1 on 1) days with Jerry Briesath in Madison, WI. He told me that if I would have been there the week before it would have been (2 on 1), me and Jeanette Lee. Wow, always kicked myself for that one!