Jim Rempe Training Ball


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The Jim Rempe Training Ball is made by Aramith.

How to Use it?
You set this cue ball up, chalk up your stick with blue chalk and hit away. Afterwards, you check the cue ball and see where you're actually hitting the ball versus where you perceived you're hitting. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The ball comes with two sides, a beginner and advance.

How do I use this?
Right now I'm using this to troubleshoot my draw shot. Specifically why on a three diamond length shot I can draw the cue ball back to the starting point, but at 4 diamonds I can only draw it back 1 diamond. Even though its only a distance of 14 inches, its driving me crazy. After chalking up and hitting the ball, I realize that the cue ball could be struck alot lower than my current ability allows. :-(

Would I recommend it?

After I bought the ball, I had other people come up to tell me I could've saved myself $30 by using a striped ball. It doesn't have the range coverage as the Rempe, and for center ball drill, the Rempe has more precise markings, if you're trying to fine tune your shots.

You have to set up the ball on every shot. It cost about $25-$40. I bought this from Joe Nielson's about a year and half ago, as he had the best prices after factoring in shipping and handling.


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I got my Rempe training ball with the Aramith Pro Ball set. The advantage is that the ball holds the chalk mark to show where the ball was hit. You set the ball into position and then shoot. After the shot you can see where the chalk mark is. The rings help to be precise. It helps to develop your ability to hit the CB where you intend to. If you are hitting the spot you intended but not getting the result your stroke is bad.

It helps to show what part of the tip is hitting the ball. You can put it against a rail and push the tip against it. The chalk mark will show exactly where the tip is making contact for that tip position.

The surface is made to hold the chalk but if you leave chalk on it the ball will stain. You need to wipe the ball after every shot and when you are through for the session.


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The Rempe Ball IMHO is made for young eyes, honestly I can not see the number on it failing vision.


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The Moose I go to and shoot at has a Jim Rempe training ball, and its good for beginners. They also have a red measel ball.


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i always see these around and on eBay as well...
thanks to the OP for the great close-up pics
i was thinking about getting one. this post was very helpful to me.


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I have a training ball and think its well worth the cost. Although a normal stripe ball can be used, the training ball is better. It has lines that help you align the ball precisely with the shot. This way you can better see how close you were to your target strike point, in both the horizontal and vertical direction.


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But I can see this real well without GLASSES, and it was designed by John Barton, and available Retail from CueSight, or Wholesale from Sterling Gaming.

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But I can see this real well without GLASSES, and it was designed by John Barton, and available Retail from CueSight, or Wholesale from Sterling Gaming.

Thanks. I like the looks of this one.

I seem to remember a practice ball with just the clock face on it. My imagination?