Jim Vest, Joss N7, Mike Erwin, Schon 1992 SP-34


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Group 16

Cue # 1 Jim Vest - Two Shafts ***No Longer Available***

Jim Vest Merry Widow with outstanding ring work, both shafts, brand new
From Jim Vest using collars from old shafts. All Straight, excellent cue.
Radial Pin, shafts are 12.95 mm each, weights of 3.6 & 3.8 with butt
At 14.7 oz for 18.3 & 18.5 oz. Great hitting cue. $ 600.00
Cue # 2 Joss N-7 Current Style – Two Shafts

Shaft A and butt roll extremely straight with no taper movement.
Piloted shaft-A is 12.88 mm and Weighs 3.7 oz and shaft-B is 12.8 mm
that weighs 3.5 oz and of course this cue has the 5/16 x 14 piloted pin.

The butt weighs 15.5 oz for a total of 19.2 oz and 19.0 ounce depending
which shaft you use. The Irish Linen Wrap Is known as a natural color with
black spot. The butt sleeve features five large pearl diamonds and the
forearm has four smaller pearl diamonds, one in each point. The veneers
of each point is red and natural with a black veneer outline. Cue comes
with factory Joss joint protectors.

This cue has a list price of $ 1075.00 with both shafts. Shaft A rolls extremely
straight as an arrow and shaft B has a small taper roll, not affecting play at all, but,
when rolled, shaft B is like 98 % straight as an arrow. Both shafts have a
Le-Pro Tip on them that is supplied from Joss Cues. $ 880 obo.
Cue # 3 Mike Erwin “Pieces of Eight” 1 of 1 Majestic Series From 1998

I purchased this cue from the Cassidy Family who ran
The “Pieces of Eight” saw mill who supplied wood for many cue
makers back in the day. Cues including this One was given to the
Cassidy Family as appreciations.

The saw mill burned down and the Family sold these cues in helping get a
fresh start. Possibly, the finest Mike Erwin Cue I have ever seen.

After this purchase, I sold over 120 Mike Erwin Cues. I have only seen
one other Mike Erwin Cue where he signed the butt along the points as
well as the shaft itself.

This Eight Point Cue is of a Kings Crown Layout with Eight large
Ebony diamonds in the butt sleeve that has four white diamonds
In the butt sleeve to match the same position as the diamonds
In the long points.

The wrap is seal coated to protect the richness of color in the wrap,
like a Meucci. This is a 5/16 x 18 pin joint with the shaft being 12.88 mm
and weighs 3.7 oz. The butt weighs 15.0 oz for a 18.7 total weight.
Very small taper roll in shaft, not affect play.

I also shot with this cue back in the day for a while, so, a few bumps
May exist in the handle or somewhere, nothing through the coating
Of the cue.
$ 1,000.00
Cue # 4 Old School 1992 Schon Runde SP-34 Two Shafts

This cue is as good as it gets, my personal cue for a few years
And has been put away. Cue was redone by Schon a while back.
The butt rolls straight as an arrow, one pin end size bump in
the butt sleeve, one scratch in clear coat in forearm, takes
camera to see, looks like a small scuff. No dents, no obvious
blemishes, hard to find what I described.

This cue is rare. Shafts are 13mm, 4.2 oz, the other 4.5 oz, the
butt is 15.3 for totals of 19.5 and 19.8 oz.
Time for me to pass this torch to someone else for a while.

$ 1,000.00


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