Jins last update for 2019


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Last tournament of the year beside local weekly ones at Felt. Rocky Mountain VNEA singles, last year we posted that he won the youth bracket 11 and under, I asked Jin which bracket he wanted and he wanted to give the adult brackets a go.

Unfortunately he didnt have the matches needed to enter so the juniors was it. We are not so much into winning trophies so he decided to enter the majors and see how it would go.

I told him just come out swinging, play your game win or lose just show all the others your there to battle. His mom gave me so many negative comments asking me if I regret not trying him in the minors first.

I kept telling her to just let him and myself be...

Jin lost his very first game playing very tight, came back for the win in the 1st match, then proceeded to loosen up and never lost a game the rest of the day.

Next year we will figure out how to get his VNEA games in so he can try the adult bracket.


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If the VNEA operator is going to allow your son to play in the adult leagues, good for him! He will improve even faster.

I tried for several years to convince our local vendor to allow it, but no luck. All of our VNEA juniors have to wait until they are 21 in my area.


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Thank you....

Luckily he can play in the adult brackets here in the area, the only rule is any junior playing must play as a b or higher, which we are fine with.


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Loved the shot with the backpack case on...like a hunter with a slung rifle scouting the territory.