Joint caps \ custom made


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I had Lonnie make me 4 pair for my schons. Two light and two dark all with the schon silver rings. They are perfect. :thumbup:


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I bought from Lonnie too.Very pleased with the work and the prices.Fast shipping too.Welcome to AZ Lonnie.Good luck here.


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Welcome to AZB

I would also like to welcome another good guy into the AZB community.

I would also like a quote for 4 shafts/1 butt, 3/8 x 11 (Omen pin) with ebony/burl and matching ring work. Below are pictures of the ringwork.


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set #2 on the way

My second set is on the way! The first ones from Lonnie looked great!


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Bump for Lonnie,
I just got a set of jp's from him....excellent and at a great price!


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Lonnie Does A Lot More Than

If you haven;t done business with Lonnie before, you're in for a treat. He also makes custom designed joint protectors that rock....he's made intricate designed protectors for me that look like they came from the cue-maker.....And I'm talking Tim Scruggs and Bill Stroud...outstanding workmanship.....and he has a eye for detail.....give your self a treat....his choice of woods, shapes and sizes is diverse.



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Lonnie is a great guy. I would like to bump this thread up with a picture of what he just did for me. Beyond business, I am proud to call this guy my friend. I hope any other members whom had work done post their pictures as well.


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I got a set or two from him, off ebay a few years ago.
He does good work, fair price and very reasonable shipping.


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Lonnie my apologies for the late review. I got those beautiful ph jp. Beautiful work sir. Thanks a bunch. +1 for you. Keep up the good work

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