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Selling this for a very good friend of mine that bought this cue at the U.S. Open some years ago. This Josey cue was custom made for Tony Watson when he was sponsered by Keith Josey. It was presented to him in 2005. The cue can easily be verified through contacting Josey Cues. Though pretty fancy, this is an excellent playing players cue as can be attested to by quite a few who have hit with it.
$4500 obo
We can work with the purchaser on seeing the cue in person if nearby etc... Again, this cue was played with by Tony, so don't expect pristine condition, but it is in really good shape. Has been sitting in a cue safe a couple years.

I did not have anything to measure with, but both shafts seem to be the full 13mm. According to an email to Josey the points and all inlays are ivory except the very small rings above the wrap and below the wrap.







This is a picture posted by JAM with Tony holding the Josey cue when he received it in 2005.
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what a cue!

one of the most impressive cues I have ever shot with. very briefly hit some with it locally here in hickory one night. tony still likes josey's.


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Josey cue

I've owned a couple of Josey cues and Keith's fit and finish is very good. I wish I'd not let a friend of mine talk me into selling the first Josey cue I had because I've regretted to this day selling that cue. I've seen Tony playing with this cue and it's one of the most impressive Josey cues that I've ever seen. GLWS of this fine cue......