Joss National 8 Ball Tour in Ohio


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Ok everyone, Dee Adkins is doing a great thing here in Ohio and has set up the Joss National 8 Ball Tour. This tour will have 31 stops starting this weekend (May 1-2) and goes through October, which will conclude with a $4000 added tour championship. I'll have to check with him but I believe anyone who has played in atleast 12 of the events will qualify to play in the final tournament. This is a handicapped tour and players will play to their handicap, which is 4-7. This means if you're a 4, you have to win 4 games before your opponent reaches their handicap. Tour stops will be rotating throughout several pool rooms in the state such as Dayton, Fairfield, Columbus, Canton and more.

May 1-2
Victory Billiards
485 South Ewing Street
Lancaster, Ohio

Entry Fee
$25 for 5-7 handicaps
$10 for 4 handicaps

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message on here. I'm pretty sure sign ups start at 11AM and we'll do the calcutta around 12:30 or so and start play at 1PM. Please come out and support this tour, we all know how dead its gotten around here recently. Hope to see you all there.
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Dan Joss

Ohio tour

There may be some confusion here.
This is a Dee Atkins tour NOT a Joss Tour.
Dee is doing a good job so far trying to get his tour runing.
I (Joss Cues) am a helper. This tour belongs to Dee only.
The only Joss Tour is Mike Zuglan's Joss North East 9 Ball Tour.
If there are any questions please email me.
Dee You might want to help clear this up.

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these are great tournaments there is one every weekend around the columbus area besides one at michaels till like june