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Recently received from The Janes Family, Owners of Joss Cues, this newly made Joss N7 Pool Cue that has been made similar to the cue made for the award-winning movie " The Color of Money ".......

Of course, just with components not available, The Joss family can not make an exact duplicate. The paperwork included by The Joss Cue Company confirms on all levels this cue was made as close to possible of the original cue(s) for the movie.

The Shaft is 5/16 x 14 pin with pilot and is 13.06 mm and weighs 3.9 oz. The butt is 15.5 oz for a total of 19.4 oz total.

RAZOR SHARP Four Point Cue with a pearl diamond in each point. Irish Linen wrap and White Holly in the V Shapes and points. Highly Polished Stainless Steel Butt Joint with the featured insert in the shaft.

The Joss Name is also done in Block Style as the time period that shows the long butt cap as the movie cues. Excellent Cue.

Ships USPS Priority Mail with insurance, tracking and signature on delivery. Ask Questions if you have them. This is as close as your going to get today of the original cues. The $ 25.00 for shipping may seen high, but, insurance will be well covered for the buyer.

email me at if you have more questions.
Thanks Much.


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