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Hi folks. Some of you may have seen that i got a new Schmelke "just ordered a matching break cue" and i wasn't quite satisfied with the shaft taper. So...

I Ended up smashing the triangle good and flat first by breaking 20+ racks with it, now it holds a dime tip and hasn't budged since and has a nicer hit. Next, i took it to the lathe. I loved the finish on the shaft so i hated to turn it down and remove it... but alas, my mind wouldn't let it go. I called Schmelke and they said to finish it with car polish "i added wax as well" to keep it as close to the original finish as possible.

I started with some 400 grit and after a long time of fiddling and not really getting anywhere per the calipers i bumped down to 220 and started cooking nice and slow. Gotta be careful not to let the shaft heat up. I finally got the taper how i like it "12.5 within 0.02+/-" a bit more than halfway up the shaft "16-18in" with no progressive widening until around the beginning of that point. "Pay attention to the ferrule, as it sands at a different rate than the wood" it's also 0.5" xtc so its a bit easier to sand than others.

Finished it going up through the grits from 400 to 1200 then used the polish and wax. Waited awhile for the wax to harden a bit more and polished again. This thing is a beast now. It looks a little crooked becausr of the lighting but it's as straight as when it started.

I'm happy with the results and only had to take down around 0.3 at the max furthest up the shaft so it should hold steady.

Does anyone have any tips for the future? I don't think i'll really work on an expensive shaft for a long while but it's fun to try lol.

**Oh and PS: the deflection is about on par with my 314-2s if not a little better. And i've drawn a table and a half with it so far**


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There are few things in life that bring more happiness than a hands-on physical task completed with utter satisfaction.
Your joy comes through loud and clear! Now take a break!:thumbup:
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Good job!

That looks good and congrats. It looks just like the coco Bar Hustler Pat Diveney made me. Shaft taper, wood, etc.


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Now you're getting the hand at fiddling with your shaft. I've been doing it for years.

One suggestion you've probably already noticed. Pay attention to where the caliper sits, whether it's on the end grain, or the side grain of the shaft. If you're sanding by hand, the side grain goes down faster than the end grain. If you're not careful, you end up with a slight elipse, rather than a sphere. However, if you use a lathe, you're probably ok.

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