Kamui chalk make a difference for the average player?


Kim Walker
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Absolutely make a difference.............. they will be $30 poorer and not shoot any better



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I'm new to playing pool after many years. I don't don't play in a league, or even with other people. Pool is a stress reliever for me.

I've been watching videos & products & came across this 20 minute video on chalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imkXZollUtc&list=PLNGZgnJAyNxDawhiRQO1IONDTkjpvZaSk&index=6

Kamui is (according to this) very different than other chalk. My question is, "Is it going to make That much difference in MY game to make it worth the $28.00?"
The only sure -fire way to improve your game is...practice....and 2nd is get some high level assistance to help work out some kinks, but mainly PRACTICE..there is no magical chalk/shaft/tip/cue/glove, etc that will 'elevate' you game compared to practice.